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Pictures of Ignacio Larra


Every two weeks, new photos of Larra´s paintings will be uploaded. In our Flykr you will be able to see each painting in full detail.


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News about Ignacio Larra

New interview.

On the new Ignacio Larra’s Vimeo channel the latest interview given by the painter has been released. He talks about his career and evolution.

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New pictures

The pictures of Ignacio Larra’s unpublished paintings are available on Flickr.

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Opening of Ignacio Larra´s Facebook:

In this space the author will make comments about his latest developments and will interact with his followers.

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Price Giving Ceremony DV.

Article referring the Award giving Ceremony of the National Plastic Arts Price, "Cultura Viva" that was granted to Ignacio Larra.

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This website has no commercial objective or goal, for Ignacio has sold each one of his paintings.

The real aim of this website is to approach the artist´s work to a wider audience, because an artwork that isn´t there to be admired feels empty and lonely. This webpage has been made with love and passion and is here so that you can enjoy it calmly, participating in the different sections and interacting with us.

If you wish you know more about the artist, watch the videos and interviews where the author reveals secrets of how he reached this level, his early years as an artist and the direction his artwork is taking.

Name: Antiguo Lacrosse. Mesures: 1,46m x 1,85m. Oil on canavas.


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If you wish to see some details of this painting in full detail, roll your mouse over the image.

"Old Lacrosse"

The artist performs the origins of current Lacrosse game in a fanciful way. The rackets are shorter and it is developed on ice. It turned to be a perfect excuse to express a happy scene through a lively composition. The title is just a romantic consequence. Compositionally speaking, the set resembles a vertical fountain where the highest point is the girl trying to catch the ball in the air.


Interveau to Ignacio Larra.

In this video you can enjoy an intimate interview with a sincere Ignacio Larra. He talks about his early beginnings, the evolution of his technique, the improvement of his work and the path that still remains undiscovered.



If you want to see all the interview, clik aquí.


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